Will L.A. Follow S.F.’s Lead in Wiping Out Pot Convictions? Nope

In a disappointing move, L.A. county's DA announced she would not be following the lead of her counterparts in San Francisco and San Diego, who are dismissing or reducing thousands of past misdemeanor and felony marijuana convictions due to the legalization of the substance this year.

This is particularly concerning as the L.A. District Attorney’s Office prosecuted more people for violating marijuana laws than any other prosecutor’s office in the state. By not acting to correct past convictions, the livelihood of thousands of people living in the county is potentially jeopardized as criminal record can disqualify an individual from some jobs and even housing.

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos said he also has no plans to proactively clear people’s records either. His biggest concern, he said in a disturbing statement, is not being able to use those old convictions for sentence enhancements that increase jail time for individuals in the future. Read the articel here.


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