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1.  Survivor Support

We work in collaboration with community-based organizations, government victim advocates, and incarcerated people to identify system reforms and community resources to address needs and provide opportunities for healing. We understand that systemic oppression and intergenerational trauma are foundational to much of the violence in our society.

Survivor Support

2.  Restorative Justice

In both theory and practice, Re:Store Justice embraces and promotes the foundational tenets of restorative justice to heal individuals and our communities, and transform our justice system. Through our work organizing restorative justice symposia inside of prisons, training affected individuals and advocates, facilitating individual face to face dialogues, providing community days of healing for both survivors and responsible parties, and facilitating restorative justice classes in prison, we build and strengthen key relationships, provide opportunities for equitable dialogue, encourage accountability, and engage all stakeholders to be directly involved in the process of responding to harms caused.

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3.  Advocacy Work

Re:Store Justice advocates for justice and prison reform in California, guided by those impacted most: the incarcerated, survivors of crime, and their communities. In coalition with partner organizations, we fight to advance evidence-based and trauma-informed policies rooted in improving public safety, creating healthier communities, and protecting vulnerable populations.

Through research and assessment, we identify health, economic, educational, social, and public safety policies that maintain inequalities between groups and hold our government accountable to make necessary structural changes.

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4.  In Prison Media Program: FirstWatch

First Watch is a media project started at San Quentin State Prison. Through personal narratives told from the perspective of those inside, the project highlights the transformative work that can take place inside prison walls. In an effort to humanize incarceration, the series explores how accountability and rehabilitation open the potential for healing and restoration. It is the first project of its kind; shot, directed, cut, and scored entirely by the men inside.

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