The Canteen Project is a way to facilitate donations- 100% of which go to incarcerated individuals to help in purchasing goods at the canteen/commissary. Buying goods at the commissary is essential for obtaining additional basic necessities . This includes hygiene supplies, food items such as rice, beans and pouch foods to avoid eating food from the kitchen (where the virus has been suspected to further spread from).
Right now, canteen support is very important for the many people inside prisons. Most people working inside make anywhere from $.08 cents an hour to $.32 cents an hour. This does not give them enough money to purchase extra food or hygiene. Any money donated helps supplement what they are given. Some families are going through an economic crisis due to COVID-19. This has put a strain on them trying to support their loved ones inside. The support we can give helps them purchase extra food, cleaning supplies and hygiene products.
The Canteen Project was featured on NPR’s KQED, listen here to an interview with our Executive Director Adnan Khan and interviewees Margaret Granados & Kelly Ortiz.
A little goes a long way in prison and can mean physical sanitation and safety as well as emotional solace for the receiver. People under correctional control, as well as those working within these facilities, are disproportionately medically vulnerable; being elderly, suffering from higher rates of heart conditions, tuberculosis, HIV and diabetes, and other illnesses. CDCR determined 50% of their population to fall into this category.
We have raised over $50K and 100% of donations have gone to 1,349 people at $50 a piece throughout the country. The amount may seem insignificant, but this little amount of money allows an incarcerated person to buy the provisions they need. Choice is a powerful comfort when everything is taken away and families are unable to send money during the economic crisis. Click here to Donate here to the fund!

These are examples of what is currently given to them by the prison for food and hygiene:
Breakfast usually consist of dry cereal, an apple, dry coffee cake and instant coffee packet.
Lunch is usually bread, peanut butter and jelly packet, cheese, crackers, pretzels, an apple, and instant coffee packet.
Hygiene is given once a week and consist of one roll of 1 ply toilet paper and a bar of soap that needs to be used to wash your hands, body, and clothes. Toothpaste is not included.
As you can see, we need to continue to help those inside. We hope you can continue to support our efforts in assisting incarcerated people during this pandemic.
If you know someone incarcerated who needs canteen money, please post on The Canteen Project’s Facebook page so that we can make sure that they receive support.
1. Full name
2. Prison ID#
4. Address for facility (If you have it)