Transformative justice is an alternative to the traditional justice system in cases of interpersonal violence or to responses for dealing with socioeconomic issues in societies transitioning away from conflict or repression.

Re:Store Justice holds Transformative Justice symposia inside prisons throughout California. We bring together people who have lost loved ones to homicide, district attorneys, members of the legislature, and other stakeholders to have conversations with incarcerated people.

Transformative Justice Symposium at the San Quentin Protestant Chapel 2016

We explore the needs of survivors: what they would need to promote healing and what needs were and still are unmet. We also explore the needs of people responsible for harm and what they would have needed to take a different path in life and their ideas for how to prevent harm.

Our Symposia are an opportunity for people who wouldn’t normally have these conversations to come together to heal and reimagine a transformed approach to how we respond to violence. 

Lawmakers and people in power have the opportunity to be in close proximity and gain a deeper and more complex understanding of the needs of all stakeholders.

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Our work is rooted in proximity. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have begun offering our symposia virtually, starting with our first ever “Virtual Day of Healing”

Virtual Day of Healing 2020
San Quentin Transformative Justice Symposium 2017
San Quentin Transformative Justice Symposium 2016