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Sb1437 Social Media Toolkit

Help to raise awareness on SB 1437 & educate lawmakers on the need for this crucial bill by using this social media toolkit & sharing widely to your networks! We thank you for your support.


  • I’m advocating for an issue that I care deeply about & hope that you’ll join me to bring fair & just sentencing to California! Affect the lives of many by taking ONE minute to send a message of support & call on your legislators to support #SB1437. Learn more & take action at restorecal.org/sb1437!
  • I’m proud to support #SB1437, a bill that will reform the felony murder rule in CA, allowing for the opportunity of relief to those disproportionately sentenced under the practice. Please join me & hundreds across the country by taking a moment to sign the petition & sending a support letter to legislators at restorecal.org/sb1437!
  • I’m a part of the movement to bring fair & just sentencing to CA!

Please take action with me to support #SB1437 to:

  • bring fairness to our criminal justice system.
  • amend CA law to connect individual responsibility with criminal sentencing.
  • amend CA law so that individuals are held responsible for their level of participation in a homicide.
  • reform an antiquated practice that disproportionately affects youth, women, and people of color.
  • move CA forward in joining other jurisdictions around the country, such as Arkansas, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Hawaii, Michigan, and Ohio, that have have narrowed the scope of the felony murder rule and limited the application of their murder statute.

Visit restorecal.org/sb1437 to send direct messages of support & make calls to YOUR legislators. Also please take a moment to also sign & circulate this petition that has reached hundreds across the nation, created by public supporters: httpss://petitions.moveon.org/sign/support-of-ca-sb-1437

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