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SB 1437: Record And Send A Video

Please join our coalition of community organizations, impacted individuals, and justice advocates in educating policymakers and urging them to vote with the interest of the people, fairness, and equity in mind. Record and send a video to legislators below to let them know how the Felony Murder Rule has affected you and those you love.

Directions :
1. Click on the SEND VIDEO button above.
2. Record a video directly from your computer or phone.
3. Click on the box to share the video with Re:store Justice.

Video Script

  • State your name.
  • State where you’re from (town and zip code).
  • State that Senator XX is your representative.
  • Inform of the purpose of your video, i.e.
    “I urge Senator XX to vote to pass SB 1437”, “I want to express my support for SB 1437 and I hope that the Senator will vote to pass this important bill.” [it is very important to refer to the bill by its number; this is the way staff track the calls.]
  • This bill is important because it:
    • “brings fairness to our criminal justice system”
    • “amends California law to connect individual responsibility with criminal sentencing”
    • “amends California law so that individuals are held responsible for their level of participation in a homicide”
    • “reforms an antiquated practice that disproportionately affects youth, women, and people of color. According to a 2018 survey by the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and Restore Justice, 72% of women currently incarcerated in California with a life sentence did not commit the homicide.”
    • “other jurisdictions around the country, such as Arkansas, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Hawaii, Michigan, and Ohio, have effectively narrowed the scope of the felony murder rule and limited the application of their murder statute. These states are a mix of Republican and Democratic-leaning jurisdictions.”

Release Waiver

By participating, you acknowledge and consent that your story may be amplified by Re:store Justice for educational and advocacy purposes in support of SB 1437.
Of course, you may contact us if you change your mind at any time.

If you have any questions, please email us at SB1437@restorecal.org.

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