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SB 1437: Guide to Resentencing

This guide, created by Re:store Justice and available in the link below, is meant to help you determine if you are eligible to petition for resentencing under SB 1437. If you determine that SB 1437 does apply to your case, this guide offers in-depth explanations and information to determine which sections do or do not apply. What follows is an attempt to explain this new law so that you can fill out the petition accurately and truthfully to the best of your ability.

We encourage you to share this guide with your loved ones and networks.

For any questions that have not been answered through this guide or by our FAQ, please do not hesitate to email sb1437@restorecal.org.

Download Our Guide To Resentencing (English)
Download Our Guide To Resentencing (Spanish)
Download The Resentencing Petition
Frequently Asked Questions

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