//SB 1437: Friends & Loved One’s Statewide Call

SB 1437: Friends & Loved One’s Statewide Call

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Please join us on Wednesday, October 24 at 8 pm for the first Re:store Justice “SB 1437 Friends & Loved One’s Statewide Call” when Policy Director/Attorney Kate Chatfield and Policy Associate Mariah K. Watson provide an overview of Senate Bill 1437 and next steps. It will be an audio and video call so that Re:store Justice can share materials that may be helpful to you all.

On this Re:store Justice call, we will be answering questions about implementation timelines, petition process, scams and additional information about past and future cases that SB 1437 will impact. As always, you will have an opportunity to ask questions when we conclude with our presentation.

The petition that we created is available on our website at www.restorecal.org/sb1437. We are requiring people to send us their email address when they get the petition for the simple reason that since we first posted it, we’ve made changes and alterations and we have been able to email people directly with updates. When the instruction book is available, we are able to email people directly.

If you know someone who may qualify for relief under SB 1437, you do not want to miss this call!






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