//Redemption is not just for me

Redemption is not just for me

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Emile DeWeaver has spent the last 20 years incarcerated. On Christmas, Gov. Brown commuted his 67 year sentence. In his piece for the San Francisco Chronicle, DeWeaver, a writer and community organizer, shares how his commutation has brought hope to the men around him at San Quentin State Prison:

“I’m at the middle of how Gov. Brown’s act of mercy fuels exponential change. People who said they “didn’t care” are admitting to themselves that they both want to care and can be restorative members of their communities. They’re energized to transform their lives; and their transformations can change the lives around them, just as my transformation ripples through the world around me.” Read his Op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle here.

Photo of Emile DeWeaver by Peter Merts: This is an Arts-in-Corrections program, sponsored by the William James Association.

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