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CDCR # V-69030 2-W-10

I like to believe that all writing is autobiographical. No matter what the author is writing about, their biases, personality, and interests are evident on the page for all to see if one simply looks closely enough. Take me for example, for the last year, I’ve been writing about criminal justice, identity, and community. I’ve explored these topics through Op-Eds, poetry, personal essays, academic writings, and short stories. I’m also incarcerated, interested in how my assigned identity as a felon and inmate is affecting me, my peers, friends and family, and how identity shapes a community’s self-image and relationships within that community.

Revision is a series of personal essays, or blog posts, that will focus on the relationship between criminal justice and community. I hope to address questions like, as one grows into citizenship, through rehabilitative programming, what does community in prison look like? What are the challenges to being a part of a healthy community in prison? And the barriers to reconnecting with family and peers on the streets?

My goal is to introduce the perspective of a person intimately connected with the criminal justice system, who has grown to a point in his life in which he is no longer controlled by the trauma that brought him to prison, and is now interested in helping others as they navigate that same journey.

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