Sponsor of SB 678

SB 678 would create a Restorative Justice Pilot Program (RJPP) in up to three counties as an alternative to incarceration and traditional victim-service programs. The goal of the program is to provide healing and services for survivors, prevent recidivism, keep families together, prevent long term unemployment resulting from conviction, and lower prison costs.

Restorative Justice is a centuries-old alternative to incarceration that brings victims and responsible parties together in a mediated setting so that the person responsible for harm can make amends directly to the injured party and the injured party can receive true justice. This alternative is used by communities in our state today who feel left out of the government-run legal system.  This bill would explore the potential of restorative justice to transform individuals and our justice system.

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Community Based Organization Funding in California State Budget

We believe strongly that rehabilitation, transformation and healing should be the cornerstones of corrections in our state,” said Adnan Khan, Co-Executive Director at Re:Store Justice. “Legislators took an important step in continuing vital rehabilitative programs by passing a budget that contains continued funding for them. We thank Senator Nancy Skinner, Senator Steven Bradford Glazer, Budget Committee Chair Holly Mitchell and all of the legislators who worked hard on this budget, for recognizing this important work and the community-based organizations that administer it.

Re:Imagine Re-sentencing Tour

Re:Store Justice was the lead sponsor of the landmark Felony Murder Reform bill Senate Bill 1437 in 2018. It was a long road for the legislation to pass and it lead to the freedom our our Co-Founder.

In 2019, our goal was to educate incarcerated people who might be eligible for re-sentencing under the new law. We created a Guidebook © 2018 to help educate people and understand the process of re-sentencing.

Throughout the beginning of the year, Re:Store Justice held trainings inside all 35 California State Prisons and worked closely with California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitations to explain Senate Bill 1437  (Felony Murder Rule Reform) and who might be eligible to petition for re-sentencing. We gave talks, answered questions, and distributed our Guidebook © and Petition that Re:Store Justice created (we included the Spanish translation). We also be distributed addresses for public defenders, district attorneys, and superior courts, so that incarcerated people could file and serve their petitions.

We began our tour Northern California, then went to Central California and ended in Southern California.