Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Promised a Criminal Justice Revolution. He’s Exceeding Expectations.

Philadelphia's DA, #LarryKrasner, just issued a revolutionary guiding document that will likely go down in history as the single largest policy shift for #CJReform.

The first sentence cuts through decades of systemic failure: “These policies are an effort to end mass incarcerations & bring balance back to sentencing.” To summarize the five-page, MUST READ document, points of change mostly involve instructing prosecutors to use critical thinking skills, data, & alternative solutions in decision-making.

This may lead to Philly becoming a model for the rest of the nation - demonstrating what vast bodies of research call for - that over-charging, over-sentencing, & excessively harsh parole/probation conditions are a waste of taxpayer dollars & human lives, & don't make our communities any safer.

Read the entire article by Shaun King for The Intercept here.


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