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Our FirstWatch team created & produced this video ENTIRELY FROM WITHIN the walls of San Quentin to shine a light on the traumatic impacts of incarceration on parents & their children.

Our punitive justice system seeks to punish those who commit crimes through separation & detention, but far too often, the cyclical harms remain unaddressed & continue to spread, while the human need for connection remains ever-present.

As covered in this FirstWatch video, Ralph’s incarceration has created trauma for his son, yet the two have a special bond requires love & hard work to preserve & build.

In order to strengthen our communities & repair harms, it’s time that we support practices & people that are working to keep families together. Shoutout to our friends at The Place4Grace, Karen McDaniel & Sutina Green for their work aimed at family reunification, bringing together incarcerated parents & children through literacy projects, education & camps – based on the belief that “families thrive through the liberation of our people.” A true resource for our communities!

FirstWatch is a media project started by a group of men incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. All the content is shot, directed, cut and scored entirely by the journalists inside prison. Learn more and subscribe to videos by visiting


Community Resources for Incarcerated Parents and Their Children


The mission of The Place4Grace is to restore families and advocate for children impacted by incarceration.

Parenting from Prison empowers clients to release unhealthy patterns and move forward with pride and confidence as more skillful mothers and fathers. Project What! is a two-fold program that creates a community that allows our young people to use their voice, pride, and power and supports them in creating policy change that reflects the needs of youth and families with an incarcerated loved one.

Project Avary offers long-term support, resources, guidance and training for children with incarcerated parents.

“Get on the Bus” brings children and their caregivers from throughout the State of California to visit their mothers and fathers in prison.

POPS the Club transforms the lives of teens with loved ones in prison or jail. POPS establishes and sustains high school clubs for this population where students are nourished and empowered throughcreative expression, emotional support, and development of community.

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