Re:Store Justice was founded in 2017 inside San Quentin State Prison by Adnan Khan, Alexandra Mallick and Sara Sindija. The organization was created to re-imagine our justice system. We wanted to focus on issues around violence. From how to respond to violence, to how to heal once harm has been inflicted, to devising policies that deal with them appropriately & to create media to combat fear and misinformation.  We felt that the movement was not discussing these issues.

Transformative Justice Symposium, San Quentin State Prison 2016

Re:Store Justice came from organizing symposia inside prison where we would bring survivors of violence and currently incarcerated people together in small, intimate circles and have restorative dialogues. In these circles we also included family members of the incarcerated, senators and assembly members, district attorneys, people from the Governor’s office, people from Corrections & the community. We discovered how much healing these symposia brought both survivors and people incarcerated, and furthermore, discovered how we all wanted an inclusive and restorative justice system which became our mission.

We noticed when survivors of harm and people who have committed harm collectively educated and shared with legislators, district attorneys, people from the Governor’s office and demanded different systems and policies, it started to shift the thought process of the people in these powerful positions making decisions.

Together, we created & advocated for restorative and transformative policy change, one of which was the felony/murder bill Senate Bill 1437. Adnan became the first person re-sentenced and released from prison under the bill he inspired and helped create.

Phil Melendez, Earlonne Woods, Sara Sindija, Adnan Khan & his sister walk together outside for the first time