With 13 days left till election day, we felt it was important to let our community know our recommendations on certain ballot measures that affect our work. We have been vocally endorsing Yes on 17 and No on 20, we have recently decided to join the coalition on No on 25. We have added our positions and resources for more information below. We hope you find this helpful!

YES on Prop 17-
Proposition 17 will amend the California Constitution to allow Californians who have completed their prison term to vote. People on state parole who are U.S. citizens, residents of California, and are at least 18 years of age would be able to vote, if they register to vote. Nearly 50,000 Californians who have returned home from prison cannot vote even though they are raising families, holding jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to society in every other way. They should be encouraged to reenter society and have a stake in their community, not be punished by having their voting rights denied. Prop 17 will right this injustice and restore voting rights to Californians returning home from prison. 

For more information visit yeson17.vote


NO on Prop 20-
Proposition 20 is a SCAM funded by special interests that want to spend tens of millions of your taxpayer dollars on prisons while rolling back effective justice reforms overwhelmingly supported by California voters. Californians are demanding change to the criminal legal system and have overwhelmingly voted to reduce wasteful prison spending. Prop 20 REVERSES that progress. Rehabilitating people before prison release is the most effective way to improve public safety. Prop 20 could eliminate funding for what we know works, and waste money on more prisons we don’t need. 

For more information visit noprop20.vote


NO on Prop 25-
Californians should reject Proposition 25. It expands the systems that have contributed to mass incarceration. It eliminates money bail, a worthy goal, but does so by strengthening the carceral bureaucracy in ways that will increase the number of people in jail and under probation supervision. Prop 25 will not address the discriminatory aspects of money bail, but will replace it with a system that is potentially more harmful to Black and Brown communities. 

For more information visit noonprop25ca.com 


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