Not the Killer, But Charged with Murder? Lawmakers Weigh Changing 'Felony Murder' Law

Jacque Wilson, a San Francisco public defender whose brother, Neko, is currently facing prosecution under the felony murder rule, spoke out on The California Report today.

Senate Bill 1437, if PASSED by the State Assembly this month & signed into law by Governor Brown in September, would save Neko from spending the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole, separated from his family - for a murder he DID NOT commit.

Even Sacramento DA, Anne Marie Schubert, agrees that this practice is “very harsh” & acknowledges the need for reform.

Continue showing support for the Wilsons, every family affected by this unjust practice, & the CA community by taking action @!

Listen to the KQED California Report talk covering SB 1437 here.


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