Restoring R. Kelly?

By |May 28th, 2019|

Recently, a friend slid me a copy of an op-ed about R. Kelly written by Dream Hampton, the creator of a recent docu-series about the famous singer, entitled Surviving R. Kelly. In her op-ed, Ms. Hampton takes note of what she perceives as a contradiction from the women...

San Francisco Chronicle: Senate Bill 1437 to overturn California’s murder-accomplice rule gets Assembly approval

By |August 30th, 2018|

SACRAMENTO — Efforts to overturn a law that holds accomplices in murders as culpable as those who do the killing narrowly passed the state Assembly on Wednesday. SB1437 by Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, would limit [...]

Activists urge change to law that allows accomplices in crimes to be sentenced for felony murder – LA Times x SB 1437 Coverage

By |August 22nd, 2018|

Written by Mini Racker and originally published by the LA Times here. Activists gathered at the state Capitol on Tuesday to demand that lawmakers change California’s felony murder law, which allows defendants to be convicted [...]

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By Alexandra Mallick

My turn: New ‘felony murder’ rule makes system more just

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Neko Wilson: The First to Receive Relief Pre-Conviction


Man Who Faced Life Sentence Goes Free After New State Law Redefines ‘Felony Murder’

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Murder convicts hope new California law is their ticket to freedom

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SF to review homicide cases after California redefines felony murder

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He’s on trial in a murder but didn’t pull the trigger. Could new California law avert a life term?

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New California Law Could Reduce Hundreds of Felony Murder Sentences

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California limits who can be charged with murder

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A killer who didn’t kill

Daily Journal

Felony murder bill addresses natural &
probable consequences & promotes justice

Los Angeles Times

California could soon limit who
can be charged with felony murder

San Francisco Chronicle

Bill to overturn California’s murder-accomplice
rule gets Assembly approval


California & Overturning
the Felony Murder Rule

Los Angeles Times

Punish for the crimes they’ve committed,
not for murders they didn’t do

Associated Press

California considers limiting broad
‘felony murder’ law

Sacramento Bee

He’s in jail for a murder he didn’t witness.
A California bill might set him free.

Orange Country Register

It’s time for CA to reform the felony-murder rule.
Pass SB1437.

New York Times & Marshall Project

If He Didn’t Kill Anyone, Why is it Murder?

Los Angeles Time

Activists urge change to law that allows accomplices
in crimes to be sentenced for felony murder

NPR’s KQED Forum

California Bill Seeks to Overturn Rule that
Charges Accomplices with Murder<

NPR’s KPCC – Air Talk

Should CA roll back its ‘felony murder rule’?


New law could mean freedom for several
convicted in the Central Valley


California Accomplices to a Felony
Shouldn’t Be Sentenced Like the Murderer

NPR’s KQED – The California Refort

Not the Killer, But Charged with Murder?
Lawmakers Weigh Changing ‘Felony Murder’ Law

American Bar Association

CA considering end to felony murder rule

KNX 1070

CA Bill Moving Through Legislature Could
Eliminate ‘Felony Murder Rule’

San Quentin News

New CA Youth Offender Bills