Maurice Dupree Reed

For the past eight years Maurice Dupree Reed aka (Reese) has dedicated most of his time working on his transformation and helping others do the same by facilitating a crime and violence prevention program called No More Tears. Maurice was born in Vallejo, California on April 26, 1985 and is ten years into his fifteen to life sentence at San Quentin State Prison. He has participated in numerous self-help groups and therapeutic workshops. He is a college student at Patten College, Prison University Project, and was the headliner music performer in S.Q.S.P, the first ever, Ted x (Ted Talk).


He is also an active member of the Marin Shakespeare Company, where he has performed in more than ten plays. He has also produced and performed in skits about his personal life experience. In August of 2019, Maurice was given the opportunity to intern for FIRST WATCH, a hardworking group of men dedicated to humanizing incarcerated men. He is very appreciative of the skills set that he is learning from his colleagues and loves the bond and creativity among them.

During Maurice’s spare time he enjoys playing chess, exercising, reading, writing poetry, plays, music, and is currently writing a science fiction novel. His motto is “Many people measure life on how many breathes they take, I measure mine on things in life that take my breath away.”