Don’t fall for this trick that would gut criminal justice reform

A letter to the editor published the Sacramento Bee from Governor Jerry Brown who is responding to the ballot initiative that aims to gut the widely popular Proposition 57.

Just a scare tactic
Re “Keep violent sex offenders locked up” (, Feb. 22): Don’t be fooled by Assemblymember Jim Cooper’s latest ploy to scare Californians into supporting his cynical and deeply flawed ballot initiative, which would gut key provisions of Proposition 57 and other criminal justice reforms.

Contrary to what Cooper falsely asserts, “20,000 inmates now serving time for violent sex offenses” will not be released and “back on the street” because of a tentative lower court ruling. In fact, Proposition 57 explicitly protects the public and bars such releases. If the judge follows through with his preliminary decision, I will promptly appeal – and the law will stand as intended by the voters.



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