Kate Chatfield, Re:store Justice Policy Director, fights against police misconduct & for justice reform

Kate Chatfield spoke to USF Lawyer Magazine last month about her recent win to free Jamal Trulove from a wrongful murder conviction and devastating life sentence. As fate would have it, this victory propelled her into her work with Re:store Justice and partnership with USF law students to reform California's justice system and felony murder rule through SB 1437.

"It was work on Trulove's cases that in part spurred Chatfield to co-found Re:store Justice, a nonprofit focused on reforming California's criminal justice system. Re:store Justice is working with students in USF's Criminal and Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice law clinics to narrow California's legal definition of felony murder, which allows murder convictions against offenders who did not directly participate in a killing. Their research guided legislation that became the bipartisan bill that has been approved by both houses of the California Legislature and now waits for Governor Brown's signature. The group is also opening a re-entry house for people leaving prison after serving decades in prison. "My overall goal with Re:store Justice is to transform our system of crime and punishment into a humane system, one in which justice and compassion are valued equally," she says."

Read USF's profile on Kate here.


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