Our Transformative Justice Symposia

To move our system beyond one of adversaries, we work with prosecutors, incarcerated people, and survivors of crime to shift the focus of the justice system to one of true public safety. We believe that people who have been directly impacted by violence are essential to the creation of effective and meaningful change and violence prevention. The Transformative Justice Symposia encompass put forth restorative justice techniques aimed at healing communities. First we come together and use restorative practices to have dialogues between the responsible party and survivor and then we take what we have learned to change systems.

We recognize that we are all members of ONE community. It is our mission to change our collective response to violence and in turn, build a more equitable, safe, and humane society.

2018 Transformative Justice Symposium: Friday, March 30th 2018

This event is dedicated to restorative justice and public safety. In previous years, survivors and incarcerated people have held the floor while community members have “held space”. This event will engage all attendees in equal measure; district attorneys, victim’s services, and community groups.

2017 Transformative Justice Symposium: October 27th & October 28th, 2017
Youth Parole & Sentencing Reforms with our partners at Healing Dialogue and Action

Through intimate circles, we learned directly from affected individuals about the ways we can best support survivors impacted by the recent sentencing reforms for youth and young adults. In a larger group discussion on day two, we came together for action. Together, individuals from all perspectives proposed changes to the systems responsible for supporting survivors of crime as well as young people incarcerated.

The attendance of key staff from victim’s services, the parole board, and district attorney’s offices in California allowed for a collaborative and effective conversation around the ways these systems can provide support. Together we crafted policy ideas and made a plan of action for next steps in making the parole process more rehabilitative for survivors and incarcerated people alike.

2016 Transformative Justice Symposium: October 26, 2016
The Power of Rehabilitation

Survivors and youthful “lifers” inside San Quentin State Prison came together to discuss the power of rehabilitation. The men inside and the survivors explained where their healing journey began and how they got to the place they are today.