Join CARES Call for Youth with our policy director Kate Chatfield & executive director Alex Mallick on April 3rd at 8pm

Dear Friends and Families:

In California, a person can be convicted of murder even if he or she wasn't the one who personally committed the crime. District attorneys have the authority to charge cases under what is called the "Felony Murder Rule," a law that makes a person responsible for the actions of co-defendant. It means that someone who was not, for example, the person who pulled the trigger, faces the exact same sentence as the person who committed the murder. California's law need to change!

Right now there is a bill that would help change this law.
If passed, Senate Bill 1437 could possibly reduce the sentences of many people in prison who were convicted under the Felony Murder Rule.

Please join us on Tuesday, April 3rd at 8 pm to hear a dynamic panel of speakers discuss Senate Bill 1437. On this call you will learn about the origins of concept of felony murder, who it affects, and how you can help us pass a bill to correct the injustices of current law. Many of your loved ones inside have received a survey about the extent of the problem and we need your help to make sure their voices are heard!


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