Jessie Lee Rose

With five years remaining on his sentence, Jessie decided to join FIRSTWATCH. At FIRSTWATCH Jessie’s job is storytelling via video. The only goal is to creatively tell accurate stories about life behind bars. These stories will then help humanize incarcerated people, and allow the viewers to reshape their perspectives on humans behind bars.


Jessie was born in 1996 to an African American father and a Basque /Mexican mother. From an early age Jessie began defying odds by excelling academically. However, in middle school, and throughout high school, Jessie began recreationally using Marijuana. Ultimately, Jessie deviated from his moral upbringing and at 17 years old Jessie was arrested for three counts of 2nd degree robbery and sentenced to a 13 year 8 month prison term as a Youth Offender Participant (YOP). After his incarceration Jessie realized that opportunities come with an education, so he re-enrolled in high school and graduated with a 3.12 GPA. Jessie went on to earn a Certificate of Career Readiness from Baylor University’s Hankerman’s School of Business. Jessie also acquired an employable skill by learning the vocational trades of both Computer Literacy