He’s in jail for a murder he didn’t witness. A California bill might set him free.

Communities of California, across the political spectrum, have finally come together to reform the state’s barbaric felony murder rule!

The argument for Senate Bill 1437, co-authored by Senator Nancy Skinner & Senator Joel Anderson, is undeniable & unignorable: the felony murder rule, which has been unfairly applied across the board, disproportionately devastates women & young people of color. One too many individuals have been sentenced to murder without having actually committed murder. It’s time to bring true justice to those who have been essentially punished for the actions of another & support the principle of fairness critical to a healthy justice system.

Read the SacBee coverage on SB 1437 here.

Photo credit: Sen. Joel Anderson is a conservative Republican from San Diego County, but he voted for a bill that would narrow use of California’s felony murder law. Hector Amezcua The Sacramento Bee file


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