Edmond Richardson

Edmond Richardson was born January 23,1986 in Oceanside California. He is the middle child of eight siblings, and they were raised in a single parent household. Edmond was born into a world fighting to be accepted by two different cultures. Edmond is bi-racial and grew up in a predominately hispanic community. Edmond is African and Mexican-American and dealt with plenty of discrimination.


He found truth and power in poetry in middle school and used that as a platform to share his voice and views of the world. Edmond is currently serving a 30 year to life sentence under California’s three strikes law for an armed robbery. During his incarceration Edmond has used different forms of expression to tell his story and connect with those who share similar experiences. Those forms of expression include interpretive dance, theater, spoken word, computer coding, and film production. Edmond believes that FirstWatch is a perfect platform to speak to all forms of discrimination within the criminal justice system, prison culture, and the minds of people who are a part of system impacted communities. Edmond’s fight is against oppression, separation, and the dehumanization of all people.