CA Legislature Approves $5 Million Funding for Community Based Organizations to Administer Programs in Prisons

State Budget Will Include Ongoing Funding for Restorative Programs Administered by Community-Based Organizations, read the 2019 budget trailer bill here. 


Sacramento, CA, June 17, 2019 – Today, the State Legislature approved the $5 million annual funding from the state budget to go towards community-based organizations (CBO) that administer important rehabilitative programming across California’s 36 state prisons.


“I want to thank the legislators of California today for recognizing the importance of the people in our community-based organizations. I would also like to personally thank Senator Bradford, Senator Mitchell, and Senator Skinner, as well as Assemblymembers Weber and Ting and for their leadership on the issue,” said Adnan Khan, Co-Executive Director at Re:store Justice. “CBO programs have proven to be effective in providing quality, trauma-informed programs beneficial to preparing incarcerated individuals to safely return to their families and communities.”

Graduates of CBO programs are better prepared for reentry, and reunification with their families, and have greater access to community support following their participation.


CBO programs are critical as they create meaningful support for individuals from the inside-out, allowing all parties impacted and involved in crimes to find healing and build safer, healthier, and more equitable communities.


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