The road to reforming CA’s felony murder rule was paved as a direct result of personal experiences with clients, incarcerated individuals & family members with loved ones serving life sentences under this antiquated practice. And its progress thus far has been driven by public support.

We’re profoundly grateful for everyone’s participation & perseverance in helping to get this bill passed – from writing letters, sending messages, making calls, showing up to the State Capitol, & getting those around you to be aware of the issue & join in taking action.


In the near final stretch, we’re asking for people to send NEW support letters/messages directly to YOUR assemblymember. It’s as simple as filling in your information here & hitting send here.


A special thank you to Re:store Justice’s Executive Director, Alex Mallick, Policy Director, Kate Chatfield, & State Senator Nancy Skinner for their vision & leadership in creating this new, fair path towards justice through #SB1437!

It goes without saying, this wouldn’t be possible without our partners that have been there every step of the way:
Felony Murder Elimination Project
Youth Justice Coalition
California Coalition for Women Prisoners
Cares for Youth
Anti-Recidivism Coalition
Pacific Juvenile Defender Center
Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative (JRJI)
USC Gould School of Law
USF School of Law

Read the SB 1437 coverage via Juvenile Justice Information Exchange here.

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