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Alex Mallick is the Co- Founder and serves as Communications Director of Re:Store Justice. Her work in California includes policy, advocacy and communication strategy to advance justice reform. In addition to working on legislation, she works with incarcerated individuals to help change the narrative and shine a light on the power of rehabilitation. In 2016, inspired by the people she had worked with inside prison for years- many of whom were serving life sentences- Alex set out to change one of the laws that unjustly kept so many people locked up: the felony murder rule. In collaboration with co-founder Adnan Khan, who was serving a life sentence at the time, they assembled a team at Re:Store and with organizations across the state, that would eventually amend the unfair felony murder rule law in California (Senate Bill 1437). Through her persistence and determination, the bill went into effect in 2019. Today she continues to advocate against extreme sentencing and works with survivors of crime to create healing through restorative justice practices. Prior to joining Re:Store Justice, she worked at Human Rights Watch as an Associate Director in the Bay Area. She grew up in France and graduated from New York University with a B.A in journalism and middle eastern studies.
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