Meet Adnan Khan of FirstWatch

My name is Adnan Khan. I committed my crime at the age of 18. I take full responsibility for my harmful actions. I am currently serving a 25-TO-LIFE sentence and have been incarcerated over 15 years. Beyond my crime, I am a son, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. I am also a brother of two beautiful sisters, Saba and Sahresh.

I am an incarcerated member of Re:store Justice, where I have led and organized three symposia thus far, where survivors of crime, incarcerated men, District Attorneys, CDCR officials and other community members sit in intimate circles, share and listen to each other’s stories and move towards healing and integrating communities.

I am the Founder of FirstWatch, a media project shot, cut, and scored entirely by currently incarcerated men. I am the Chairman of SQUIRES, a historic program where youth from outside communities come into the prison where we, incarcerated men, share and listen to life stories and feelings, empowering the youth and deterring them from making similar harmful choices we’ve already made. I am the lead speaker/moderator of the Public Information Officer Lt. Sam Robinson’s tours. On these tours, we engage with the public nearly twice a week, answering questions and sharing our perspectives.

I am a facilitatorof GRIP, an intensive 52 week (one year) long program designed to stop violence, cultivate mindfulness, develop emotional intelligence, and understand victim impact. I am in my third year of GRIP, one year as a participant, two years as a facilitator. I am currently a student of an amazing on-site college program called PUP (Prison University Project) where I am in the process of earning a degree.

I have completed numerous of other self-help groups and programs and have participated in many events, forums, and other inside/outside community interactive engagements. I love comedy and believe in the healing powers of a sense of humor and laughter.

I am a spiritual being and a man of prayer. I am a filmmaker, creating stories from my worldview, with the hopes of using my platform not just to mentor youth, but also provide success opportunities for our neglected children.

CDCR # F-55145 5-N-17