Adamu Chan

Adamu is a Bay Area native with a creative and curious spirit. As a child, he would record his own radio shows on his grandmother’s
cassette tape player. In school, he became known as an accomplished saxophone player and drummer, starring in the school band. Later in life, he would produce his own clothing line, teaching himself the intricacies of design, manufacturing, and business management.


Adamu’s bi-racial, multi-cultural makeup informs his view of the world, and he is always seeking ways to connect people of disparate perspectives and backgrounds. He is influenced by the work of James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, John Coltrane, and the arts movement of his time, Hip Hop. Adamu is an impassioned advocate for social justice and the abolishment of prisons, and sees his work at FirstWatch as not only his way of giving back, but also a reflection of those aspirations.