//A Killer Who Didn’t Kill: SB 1437 Coverage on Slate

A Killer Who Didn’t Kill: SB 1437 Coverage on Slate

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Through our chorus of voices, many are recognizing that injustice of the felony murder rule goes beyond the borders of California. As other states are being called on for change, #SB1437 shines as a bright example of reform!

““It’s really, really hard to create any kind of change when you’re trying to reform something that’s called felony murder. Those two words are incredibly scary,” said Alexandra Mallick, executive director of Re:store Justice, an advocacy organization that helped advance the current bill to limit felony murder in California. “So first what we found was that it was really, really important to educate people.

“Secondly, there is the narrative that prisons are full of nonviolent drug offenders and that’s really where we need to push our efforts. That is completely wrong,” Mallick said. She notes that people who have committed a violent crime have some of the lowest recidivism rates. “Most of the time, when someone commits a violent crime, they age out of it. They’ll grow up,” she said.”

This piece was written by Katie Rose Quandt and published on Slate in partnership with the Appeal, a nonprofit news outlet that produces original journalism about criminal justice.





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