//A HUGE VICTORY FOR CALIFORNIA: SB 1437 heads to the Governor’s desk!

A HUGE VICTORY FOR CALIFORNIA: SB 1437 heads to the Governor’s desk!

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Today we claim victory as Senate Bill 1437 goes to the Governor’s desk for signing. On this journey, we carried the stories of the people we know who have been impacted by this unjust law. Every meeting and every call was personal and we held these stories in our hearts. This was the most personal legislation we have ever worked on and we felt a huge responsibility to fight for the people we care about to bring them justice. For years, people told us it was impossible, but we were never discouraged from pursuing legislation.

Thankfully, we had supporters, like Senator Skinner and many others, who believed in our vision. Senator Skinner understood this law needed to change and she fought tirelessly to make it happen with us. This bill is historic — the felony murder rule has been law in California since the 1800s; we are changing over 130 years of unjust law that has targeted women and young people of color.

We are confident that Governor Brown will sign this bill into law. However, if you haven’t yet done so, please make sure you call Gov. Brown’s office at (916)445-2841 to express your support for SB 1437 and urge the Governor to sign the bill.

We at Re:store Justice wish to express the utmost humility and gratitude to all the family members of incarcerated people who have never given up the fight to see their loved ones treated with dignity. The passing of this bill is a result of your hard work, long hours, and your unwavering love for your impacted brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons, and granddaughters. To all our friends and supporters, we could not have done this without your commitment to see real justice in action.

This is just one small victory to repair a broken justice system. There are many more battles to come. For today, as their are no words which fully capture this triumph, we simply say thank you.

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