Re:store Justice works in partnership with incarcerated people, survivors of crime, district attorneys, and the community. Our mission is to re-imagine and reform our criminal justice system to be one of true inclusion and justice.


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We recognize that basic dignity and equal rights for all is the foundation to freedom, justice, and peace in the world. We envision a fair criminal justice system - one guided by the principles of re:storative justice - that empowers directly impacted individuals to share their lived experiences to drive meaningful change from the inside-out. In working together to better understand each other, we believe in healing traumas, finding lasting solutions to crime, and building safer, healthier, and more equitable communities.

[Restorative justice] seeks to empower people to address harms, needs, & obligations that arise from crime by bringing together victims, offenders, & members of their respective communities. The face-to-face open dialogue process is focused on personal accountability & reparation. It requires the seemingly impossible: that victims & offenders share deeply personal & painful life experiences with the least likely person in the world - each other.

— Lara Bazelon, Re:store Justice Board Member —



Presenting the stories and experiences of those incarcerated through programs, such as First Watch - the first prison program in the nation to explore the journey of accountability, rehabilitation, and transformation through film 


Working to establish adequate housing and wrap-around support for people leaving prisons and re-entering society